As we know, we all must cut costs and try to be as frugal as possible. But current economic state has surely taken a toll on you and your employees, so Christmas party – a little relaxation – must be in order. It helps to raise office moral and lets your workers know you care about them even in the bad times. Here are ten tips how to save money organizing your office Christmas party.

1.First, don’t organize this party alone. Gather around other co-workers and give out chores so that everyone can have something to do.
2.Choose the date of the party. Make sure it lands on the last day of work before holidays. There’s nothing worse than to come to office the day after the party.
3.If it isn’t possible to book a restaurant, then spice up the office. Tell everyone to bring some Christmas decorations from home that they can spare and make the office look festive.
4.For Secret Santa make an agreement with all the co-workers – the gift must be very cheap or maybe even handmade! That way everyone can have a little childish joy preparing the gift and they don’t have to pay for it. Also, this should be done with drawing the names so that everyone only has to give one gift.
5.Another way to get the holiday spirit going is to organize a charity event. Okay, so you don’t have money to give away, but what about food and old clothes? Surely there are animal shelters or homeless shelters that are very thankful for your generosity! It’s useful for you too – you can clean out your closet and you have done a good deed.
6.If you don’t have money for restaurant or the band, make sure the party still has some music! If you don’t have any other option, take your own disc player with you from home. Also tell everyone that they can take one of their favourite CDs with them, and that everyone can be a DJ at the party – even if only for 10 minutes. Make sure that the same albums won’t start repeating themselves though, it may ruin the mood for those who doesn’t like particular band.
7.If you don’t have any money for party at all, you can organize whip-round: you can ask everyone to chip in on the food and drinks. Or you can ask everyone to cook something at home and bring it with them to the party.
8.Make sure you have games and entertainment. There are lot of free games you can play so that everyone feels special and not left out.
9.Clean up together! So that everything will be nice and neat afterwards, say in the beginning of the party that everyone has to wash their own dishes. That way you don’t have to buy paper or plastic cups.
10.Organize everyone gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but make sure people know that “bosses” are thinking of them and appreciating their work.