This article will inform you about the radios in internet, which you can listen free and are streaming online, without having to download any extra programs.

Almost perfect two radios to listen if you are looking for various jazz music are AOL Radio and Sky Fm Radio, because they both play top quality and well picked jazz tracks. The music comes from all over the world, is played by different subradios and should give everyone what they are looking for from a specific jazz genre.
The only downside is that these radios don’t play nonstop music and there are quite many commercial breaks. So for example, if you are having a romantic night, listening to some smooth romantic jazz, you probably wouldn’t be very pleased, if a loud commercial suddenly bursts in. If you are willing to ignore that, then these channels will give you a good understanding of jazz music. You can listen to 15 different jazz genres from AOL and 4 from Sky Fm radio.

Some extra explanation with the AOL radio. The player links, which I give you will direct you to the overall player. From the left you will find a menu for different music genres. Choose jazz and then pick the more specific jazz style.

1. AOL Romantic Jazz

This is the radio, which you can count on if you need some perfect music for a night with candles, a glass of wine and of course, romance. There are no commercials and the music is picked so you could take out the maximum of your romantic time spending or if you are just looking to listen to one of the most relaxing jazz styles.

2. Smooth Jazz
Sky Fm Smooth Jazz


Not the most romantic smooth jazz, but it is definitely relaxing and perfect to clear your thoughts after a tiring working day. Practically all tracks are instrumental and vary a bit in style and also by the origin country and artist.

AOL Smooth Jazz


If I compare it to Sky Fm, it is a bit more relaxing and also offers a wider set of tracks in a bit different styles. So it basically depends, whether the listener of the radio likes his/her smooth jazz radio to be classical (Sky Fm) or to also have some other interesting tracks involved (AOL).

AOL also offers the New Smooth Jazz radio, which plays interesting music, originated from soul and sometimes even RnB music. Certainly worth trying out.

3. Bossa Nova
Sky Fm Bossa Nova Jazz



AOL Jazz Latino

Player: (choose jazz)

These radios will take you straight to the best Brazilian jazz music. The track list varies in many ways, consisting music from different regions and from best Samba songs to newest Afro-American cool jazz hits. If you are looking for this specific Brazilian sensation, then these are probably the right radios for you.

4. Modern Jazz
Sky Fm Modern Jazz


Although it is called modern jazz, it brings you jazz music, which has been composed, performed and recorded starting from the 50’s. If I could rephrase this specific radio, then I would say, that this is a classic all time jazz hits radio and one the best of its kind. The music you hear from this radio is almost always played with the typical classical jazz instruments (saxophone, double bass, drums, piano, or synthesizer, guitar, trumpet and vocals). The music comes mostly from America (as well as most of the jazz music), but you also hear different interesting tracks from other countries. In conclusion: all classically built up jazz music fans – this is certainly the online radio meant for you.

AOL Top Jazz

Player: (choose jazz)

This radio plays also mostly newer tracks, but there are exceptions. The songs are picked by their all time rating and popularity. But because most of the greatest and most known jazz tracks have come from the modern jazz age, then you are likely to hear many tracks, also played in the Sky Fm-s Modern Jazz channel.

5. Piano Jazz

All of you, who love that sensational feeling, which a well performed jazz piano playing will bring you, I think, that I have found a radio for you. All tracks which you hear through this radio have a piano playing in it. The piano can whether perform as a background instrument or lead the whole track as a solo sound. Everyone who enjoys the well played piano improvisations and imitations of different well known songs – I certainly recommend this to you.

6. AOL Jazz Vocalists
Player: (choose jazz)

Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and so on… the best of the best jazz vocals and they have all been gathered together to this radio. The artist are mostly American, the songs are also widely known and sung by the various vocal artists, every jazz enthusiast knows and adores.

7. Sinatra Style
Player: (choose jazz)

Every track played in this radio comes from the repertoire of the one and only Frank Sinatra. Still, Sinatra is not singing all of them, but they are being also performed by various well known and good jazz singers.

8. AOL Big Band & Swing
Player: (choose jazz)

This radio is for all of you, who have always enjoyed the rhythmic big band and swing music, originated from the second world war dance floors. Also you will hear different ballades played by big bands and sung by smooth singers.

9. AOL Jazz fusion
Player: (choose jazz)

Jazz fusion is an interesting mix of different elements of jazz. It bases on improvisation and contains lots of electrical sound and different funk and RnB elements. This can’t certainly be considered as a classical jazz style, but everyone, who enjoys it – listen to this radio.

Other worldwide Jazz music radios

10. Jazz FM 91



An only free quality jazz Radio in Canada, with active, online DJ-s playing good jazz. Various jazz styles are played in different programs, accordingly to the time of the day including exclusive live performances and wish list songs. It is probably also the best radio to listen, if you are interested in Canadian jazz. An interesting homepage, with podcasts and lots of information about the playlists and the online program. The owners of the radio also organize different concerts and keep you up to date with the latest news and events regarding jazz music in Canada. You may be disturbed with too much commercials, especially about donating to them.

11. Jazz 88


Another great online American jazz radio, situated in San Diego and playing many different programs and well picked music accordingly to it. Not too many commercials and a well constructed event list for different jazz events in USA. The owners seem to know a lot about jazz music and musicians and have constructed an interesting and informative website.

12. Jazz Fm


A great online jazz radio in London. A perfect radio, if you are interested in jazz music and artists in United Kingdom. You hear interesting and informative comments between tracks to inform you about different events and songs which are coming up. Good news program and music from different jazz styles. There are a medium amount of commercials, but most of them are connected to jazz music (concerts, new album releases etc.).

13. KPLU 48k


An American online radio, which plays quality classical jazz from all over the world. The radio is playing almost nonstop jazz music, except of short comments about what tracks are coming up and who will be performing them. An informative website offers podcasts to listen free and to observe playlists of different programs.

14. SwissGroove


An interesting online radio which offers you different jazz styles. In addition to that, you can stumble up on funky and groovy tunes, because the music, coming from this radio, isn’t all jazz, but a mix of jazz, funk, soul world, latin, lounge & nu grooves.