1. So, you are interested in online dating? Then first thing you want to do is to find a perfect site for you and your needs. Be aware, not all sites are secure and prefer a site that is well known and also been around for few years, so you know it’s not a sham. Also, registering should be free, so don’t be very eager to take out your credit card just now. It’s good if dating site you choose allows you to upload more than one photo of yourself, so that people can see better what you look like.
2. After registering your profile and joining a dating site, you must write your personal advertisement. It’s not that easy – it mustn’t be too short, because if it lacks important information nobody wants to contact you. Also, you may seem a bit dangerous if you are not willing to give out any information about yourself. It can’t be too long or nobody has the time to read it. Choose your words carefully: describe your likes and dislikes, in short words let them know what you enjoy , what are your hobbies and most importantly: what are you looking for in a person. Not least important is information about what are you willing to offer: are you looking for a long-term relationship or just a friend to hang out with? There is someone out there for you, whoever you are looking for, but he or she can’t find you if you’re not willing to spell out what you expect.
Make sure your ad is not too dry or impersonal – add a little humor or cute quirks to make it different and stand out in hundreds of other ads. Don’t go overboard but also don’t forget you are trying to sell yourself.
But be aware: if possible try to avoid “lolspeak” – spell your words properly and if you are really into emoticons, try to use them moderately. Replacing characters with numbers may be suitable for (not so smart) teenagers, but it’s certainly out of place in dating site, where you want to leave the best impression of you as possible.

3. Next important step is to choose which pictures you would like to show on the dating site. Prefer pictures where you are alone or distinctly recognizable, that means avoid pictures where you are with large group of friends or at the party. Talking about parties – avoid pictures where you are holding or drinking an alcoholic beverage. No one wants to see you get wasted! Leave these pictures for sharing with your buddies, don’t try to impress future boyfriends or girlfriends with them.
Also, avoid pictures where you are standing far away and it’s impossible to see what you really look like. Don’t post pictures where you look ridiculous: wearing Slutty Clown costume for Halloween may be cute and funny to your friends but it’s not appropriate photo to post on a dating site.
It’s good if you have multiple shots of you, so that people checking your profile can have a better look of how you actually look like. Don’t be afraid to look “real” in the pictures. No one is perfect and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Try to avoid photoshopped images but also try to avoid pictures that are too dark or foggy. Moderate editing is fine, just don’t make your teeth crystal white if in reality they are not so white at all – because, don’t forget, if all goes well, you might have a date with someone in real life and then for sure he or she can see exactly what you look like, un-photoshopped version.

4. If your ad is ready and pictures uploaded make contact. Try to find people that interest you and leave them short notes introducing yourself and letting them know you are available for further contact. Do not, in any circumstances, act like a horny frat boy. That means don’t comment on girl’s breasts and legs! For a lady it’s also not nice to leave sexually suggestive comments. This will make you look cheap and certainly you won’t find a love of your life that way.
5. Making the first move isn’t always easy, so try to avoid being lame and predictable. Don’t use any clichés, be original and personal, responding specifically to something on their profile.
Don’t be too hasty: it’s important that you get to know each other pretty well before going out on a real date. Don’t be afraid of cyber talk or even chatting anonymously at first. It’s all a part of the process. But also don’t take too long or your potential date will be bored and will want to move on to next person. If you are comfortable with your online love interest, suggest a meeting. If he or she accepts, get ready for a real date!