So we live in a highly stressful society, in which the pressures of life continually enhance. However it is not sufficient, a clear mind is an absolute necessity to surviving in this modern jungle. But how could one go about to clearing their mind? Here are some pointers:

1.Exercise – you could do this in a specific location, such as a fitness center or at a gym if you have the time and money. Or you could do it at home or in the office, for 10 minutes or so. The exercise will oxygenate your brain and will release new energy.
2.Listen to music – going to a concert is often a great way to get your mind off things. But if you do not have the possibility to go to a concert, then take 10 minutes to listen to 2 or 3 songs you enjoy the most. It has been scientifically proven that music that gives you pleasure releases endorphins, lifting as such your spirits and giving you new energy. If you have the possibility, you could even try to dance a bit.
3.Browse the internet – the internet is the source for many things, relaxation being one of them. So depending on your individual preferences, you could browse through pages with jokes, funny pictures, picturesque photographs, paintings and so on.
4.Talk with friends – making a phone call to a dear one will also clear your mind. Maybe you want to know how their baby is doing, or maybe you want to share some good news with someone. Also, you should consider engaging in a pleasant, non work related, conversation with your desk mates.
5.At the end of the day, clearing your mind can also be done with the aid of a long, hot, bubbly bath. The general prejudice is that this applies mostly to women, but there are also men who secretly enjoy a bath.
6.What you could also do at the end of the day is to read a book. The life of the characters, their feelings and transformations are likely to break you out of your stressful tasks. Pay nevertheless attention to the size of the book, if the book is long, you might lose interest if you do not have much time to dedicate to it. So read short stories or novellas you can finish in one evening.
7.Another means of clearing your mind is that of watching a good movie. Also, the type of the movie to relax you depends on your very personality. Some people prefer a light comedy, others an action movie or some horror, while others are intrigued by psychological dramas. The choice is entirely yours.