IQ stands for intelligence quotient. The average IQ is 100. Have you wondered what your IQ score is? There are many type of IQ tests. There are many websites to get free IQ tests. Here is a review of the top Free IQ tests.

International High IQ Society ( provides the most incredible IQ tests through They have two options, one is paid, and the other is a free sprint test. The design is impeccable. The easy accessibility is useful. Referring to their Gigi Sprint test they say it is, “administered in just eight minutes, GIGI Sprint offers a quick estimate of intelligence with impressive reliability.”

The test is fun to take and looks just like an Universal IQ test should look like. In the world of Internet, where languages cross over, High IQ Society has found a way to balance the equation and present unbiased tests that transcend the language frontiers. The test consists of symbols interpretations, which makes uses of all cognitive intelligence tools. As one questions follows the next, the test is inspiring. It gives the feeling of being tested for high technology applications, or attempting to decrypt an alien language. The test requires use of reason, intuition thinking, construction, interpretations and mathematics. The report at the end of the free IQ test is also very well presented and designed.

Free IQ ( says that their original IQ Test will give you, the user, a fast, free and accurate IQ score. This test has a combination of mathematical, linguistic, general knowledge, symbols and reasoning questions. All questions come with several answers. The users have to click on the correct answer and then move on. These tests are designed to be done without pen or paper. All thinking and solving should be done mentally. The test is easy and friendly. It has no personal information forms to fill before you start. You do not need to add you email to get the results.

Fun Education ( offers diverse services, among which a free IQ test is available. The IQ test is easy to access. The user does not need to fill in forms nor register to start, but will be required to fill in forms once the test is finished. The test is longer than several other tests mentioned in this article. Some say the more questions, the more accurate the score should be. This test has 43 questions. The questions are mathematical, linguistic, of general knowledge, symbols and mental solving. The author of the test is, William A. McConochie, PhD. Fun Education says their test was designed to measure cognitive performance in several key areas including word analysis and spatial reasoning. They also offer personalities tests, and career tests. If you are under 17 this site has a Kids IQ test.

IQ tests labs ( is another Free IQ website. Their tests are timed and require registration. The test consist of 30 questions. Sample questions can be previewed to prepare before you start. If not completed in time, they will no allow you to take the test again. The test takes 10 to 15 minutes.