Yes, you can actually make your own book lamp.Literally, you can make a book lamp from actual real books – preferably those hardcover ones which you are no longer interested in reading.

Reusing old hard cover books is a smart and cost-efficient way to make old stuff practical and functional.

Besides a hard cover book – preferably one that is two inches wide on the inside – you will also need a Lampan lamp (one that is available from Ikea for less than $5) or any lamp that has a cord inside it. You will also need a rubber band.

1. First things first – you need to separate the lamp from the cord. You can use pliers to do this by simply snapping off the plastic from the lamp and by leaving only the cord.
2. Then, return the bulb in the cord. You can now open the book and place the bulb and cord at the top of the pages of the book.
3. Using a pen, carefully outline the space in which the bulb and the socket would fit.

TIP: It is best to draw a straight L-shaped line as doing so makes it easy for you to cut through more than 700 pages of paper.

4. Once you have made the outline, slice up through the book pages according to what you have drawn using an X-acto knife.
5. You then need to have a gap to allow the cord to pass through. Place the cord against the book’s pages in order to determine the number of pages you have to cut out.

TIP: You could also continue the line cut from before and continue towards the bottom. The resulting page will be one that is straight cut across.

6. Then, place the bulb in the book and put a rubber band around the electric cord and the book’s pages in order to keep it together in place.
7. The last step is to simply power on the book lamp and enjoy the soft light coming from the 7W light bulb.