The No Win No Fee car accident claim is very popular in the UK, due to the amount of incidents on our busy roads. It is a very effective way in which to claim for free without cost to yourself as the expenses are claimed back from the third party if you win and covered by an insurance policy if you lose. However this is not the only part of the picture!

Many companies may advertise the No Win No Fee to attract people but you must always ensure that there are no hidden deductions from your compensation awards. Road accidents can be quite stressful without having to worry about how to sort things out, and if you are going to lose all of some of your compensation award in hidden fees. The Accident Claim Company offers a first class car accident claims service without any deductions to you. Yes The Accident Claim Company provides a totally free no win no fee service without and hidden extras that we spring as surprise to you later on.

The Accident Claim Company will take care of your whiplash or car accident claim, and helping take care to get you the best solicitors who are expert in road traffic accidents all at no cost to you. Always beware no win no fee does not mean no win no deduction, but don’t worry our services are completely free! So win or lose it wont cost you anything to find out and make a claim if the accident was not your fault and happened within the last three years.

Our Accident Claim Compensation specialist team are waiting to help you with your requests for traffic accident compensation. We will also help organize a local medical report in a nearby suitable venue and, if needed some form of physiotherapy treatment should the independent medics feel you need this in a place to help your recuperation. A detailed report will be prepared and a complaint submitted to the insurers of the other party.

Our expert lawyers will help you every step of the way. Whilst most cases are settled out of court In a few cases where a satisfactory agreement is not met then court action may be necessary and the expert lawyers will assist you and represent you in your case.

To get your claim moving get in touch with The accident claim company, you can either do this by calling our free phone accident helpline number 0800 542 2858 or visit our informative website for further details and an online claim form.