Tell me how you organize your party and I’ll tell you what type of manager you are.

Since the economical crisis stroke, it is more than obvious that all the companies have been trying to cut down their costs. Usually this affected the employees who were either let off or lost some of their benefits. If you are one of those company managers who wants to motivate his human resources through a Christmas party, but you don’t want to spend any money, here are some suggestions you might find useful.

The good manager technique
Invent a creativity contest for your employees with the specific theme – “Christmas party at the office”. Divide them into teams and have them suggest various themes for the party. Let them organise the office space differently, suggest costumes, bring in the food, the drinks, their partners. This way you will have your party for free and present a nice challenge for your human resources. The stake for the employees would be winning and getting the appreciation of the others as well as yours. You can even start up a blog in the meantime, where all the preparations could be recorded. You could encourage bets regarding the best organiser or something like that. The important thing is to be able to motivate your employees in the process. If you find that they are not motivated at all in this direction, you might as well threaten to fire them if they don’t obey. Yet, that’s already a part of the bad manager technique.

The bad manager technique
Start a rumour that you are going to start letting people go right before Christmas. Make sure that the first person to know this is great at spreading such information with his or her fellow employees. This way you will have people panicking. Be crunchy and get angry even when this is not necessary. Call the other managers for an “important” talk about the consequences that the crisis has upon the company and the possible staff reduction in order to make things even more tense. This entire charade must go on for about a month in order to make sure that each and every member of the staff has panicked. As Christmas approaches make a general reunion with all the company staff and tell them that there are going to be no cuts in the staff. Therefore you intend to celebrate the situation with a Christmas party. Unfortunately you have no funds to invest in it so people will have to bring everything themselves. I bet they’re going to be awfully happy.

Risks implied by situation number one: people may not be motivated at all. You might find yourself partying with other two sad individuals. The final threat might make you seem crazy and have you lose some of your authority. But hey, you never know until you’ve tried, right?

Risks implied by situation number two: people could get really afraid and stressed. This might have a bad impact on the production and you might get out of business just in time to celebrate bankruptcy on Christmas Eve. That would have most of the staff reunited and drunk. You included. It would be a sad party, but still a free party. But hey, you never know until you’ve tried!