If you are looking for a family member or other loved one that happens to be an immigrant in the United States and is caught and detained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) don’t panic; I.C.E. has developed a simple Immigrant Detainee Locator System for the department of immigration. There are two ways to find a detained immigrant in the I.C.E. system.

To start locating a detained immigrant, you will need the following information:
A. Search by A-Number:
1. If you know the detainee’s A-Number, then you can use the A-Number search. The immigrants A-Number must be exactly nine digits long and if the A-Number has less than 9 numbers simply add zeros (0) at the start of the number.
2. Once you have this number in place simply select the detained immigrant’s country of birth from the drop down menu.
If you do not know the immigrant detainees A-Number then you can try searching by the immigrant’s name:
B. Search by Biographical Information:
1. If searching by name; you will need the correct spelling of the immigrant detainee’s first and last name.
2. Then you will need to select the immigrant’s country of birth from the drop down menu.
3. ***Optional – You can also put in the detainee’s date of birth as it may help locate them in the database with a more refined search.
When trying to locate an inmate using the department of immigration detainee search system keep in mind that the immigrant you may be looking for may be transferred at any time or may be in transit to another facility or even be deported. Its best to check the system every 24 hours as the information is updated. You can also contact the facility listed. To contact an immigration detention facility simply lookup the location on the site and it will have the phone number to call. You will of course need the immigrant’s information when calling.