There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t trust people easily. Though you might be chided for your paranoia and skepticism, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For one, statistics show that more than 5 million break-ins happen in a single year alone. Would you rather believe in the inherent goodness residing in people’s hearts or would you prefer to be cautious and keep your valuables secure? Not because you think everyone are evil, but because you just want to sleep better at night.
A safe that doesn’t look like a safe is your best option. The idea is to make a secret stash that is so inconspicuous that no one will ever think of even touching it. A good example is a soda-can disguised safe.

1. First things first. You need to have an un-opened Coke can (or any soft drink) or beer can. Then, using a sharp knife or anything pointed, drain the contents of the can by making a small hole on its bottom.
2. The next step is to remove the can’s top. Using a can opener, grip on the top of the Coke / beer can ensuring that the can opener is cutting the part of the can just below the lid – not the actual lid.
3. Once cut, remove and rinse clean the lid as well as the inside of the can as thorough as you possibly can. If the lid has a few metal bits, make sure to also remove those. The can you have must now be completely clean and empty.

4. Now, get a glass jar and take out the screw top lid. Then, glue the lid of the jar to the bottom of the can’s lid.

NOTE: It is important that the glass jar and the lid of the glass jar fits perfectly the size of the can.

5. Wait until the glue dries. Then, screw the lid of the can on the jar and test if the glue is adhesively strong enough.

6. You now have to fill the can with plaster of paris. Mix up the plaster of paris in a bowl and fill the can only half way. Using a tad of glue or silicone, patch the little hole made earlier in the bottom of the can – this is to avoid any plaster of paris from leaking.

NOTE: Plaster of paris is currently available for $3.99 in

7. Now, get the jar and the can top where the lid was glued on and place it inside the can – the idea is to get the jar at the appropriate height in order for the can to look as normal as it could possibly be. The plaster of paris serves not only as a base for the jar but also to hold the jar firm in place inside the can.

8. Wait for a few hours until the plaster of paris has dried. Once dry, unscrew the lid slowly off the can’s top and check if the jar is firmly held in place. You can screw the lid on and screw the lid off many times in order to see if everything is in place.

TIP: To further make the can inconspicuous and sound as if it is a real soda or beer can, add water or any liquid to the can’s bottom and plaster over it. When the can is shaken, the liquid sound it creates sounds evidently real.

NOTE: Keeping a secret stash in a soda can is not a fool-proof way to prevent anyone from accessing its contents as it could be easily carried away intentionally or accidentally. Also, there are thieves and burglars who fling stuff off cabinets and shelves with the purpose of discovering such items and even know this method of a secret soda can safe.