For most of the average homeowners out there, the thought of making your own electricity doesn’t seem like an appealing or feasible effort. However, you’d be surprised with the kind of positive impact this would make on the environment and in your own life.

For starters, did you know how much pollution is pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere yearly? According to the Energy Information Administration, we have to deal with a whopping 21.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, and the Earth can only absorb half that amount.

Now you might think that we have plenty of space to cope with all of this excess pollution, but the truth is, the accelerated pace of our industrial development is literally suffocating all of us little by little.

The use of combustible fossil fuels are often part of the process to produce conventional power from your local utility company, so a safer alternative (such as making your own electricity) will help reduce the amount of toxic gas choking our atmosphere.

There are a couple of popular ways to make your own electricity, namely solar and wind power. These non-polluting options are known as green or renewable energy because their “fuel” is practically limitless and nothing is burned in the process.

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Solar power for instance, relies on the endless amount of sunlight that hits our planet to produce energy we can use at home.

Once you’ve installed an array of solar cells and the other needed components (like a power inverter and DC disconnect box) in your home, you can start making your own electricity and reduce your regular power consumption.

Usually, families like to set up an arrangement known as a grid-tied system which allows them to convert sunlight into usable power at daytime and then switch to grid power at night. What’s more, making your own electricity isn’t just about reducing your conventional power expenses.

You’re also producing excess power (from solar cells) that’s pushed back into the grid and creates credit towards your utility bill (even more savings for you!).

Wind power is also another way to make your own electricity. This source of renewable energy also uses no fossil fuels which means you aren’t adding to the rising level of global pollution.

Rather, it relies on currents of moving air to make a wind turbine rotate and transform kinetic energy into usable electricity.

Of course, not all areas have abundant amounts of sunlight or wind, so you might want to check if your place has enough of either resource to power a DIY green energy system.

A good idea would be to check with installation contractors who can help you determine which renewable energy system would work best for you.

Solar and wind companies are plenty in these environmentally-challenged times, so you won’t have trouble locating one nearby.

In conclusion, putting up your own power plant at home is easier than you think. All you need to do is use the vast informational resources available to you, such as your local library, the yellow pages or the Internet. With enough effort, making your own electricity can be a lifelong habit.

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