*Believe it or not, Oprah – your mom’s favorite late afternoon vice – has never seen a shrink or psychologist all her life (except for Dr. Phil and that was when she was being hounded by cow lovers because she said on nationwide TV that she will never eat another hamburger again).
Do note that that’s for her work problems. For her personal problems, she claims she doesn’t need a shrink at all. All she has to do is pick up the phone and call her best friend Gail.
I swear, if everyone had a Gail of their own, we’d probably all be Oprah. Fortunately or unfortunately, that is not possible.
What is possible is that anyone can literally stay sane without setting up an appointment with your local Dr. Freud. Plus, you need not drown yourself in self-help books. All you have to do is follow these five easy ways to retain if not regain your sanity.

1. Workout those blues away
No, you do not need to work “through” your emotions, though doing so helps. You also need not explore your deep, innermost feelings and relate them to a past childhood experience – traumatic or otherwise. Simply put, all you have to do is get off your butt and physically work out!
And you do not need to have a gym membership. Just walk! Either around the block, to the laundry-mat, even towards that tree in your front yard. Just walk anywhere you can. A thirty minute walk would be perfect. But twenty would be fine. The important thing is for you to simply get off your couch and move.
Any form of exercise or a physical workout helps the body’s endorphin levels to increase. Plus, it stimulates brain chemicals which eventually reduce pain and assist in promoting a general sense of well-being. Overall, a physical workout improves the body’s energy levels, mood and even relieves depression. It also gives you a natural and healthy high – a feeling which eating ice cream would also give, albeit for a mere three minutes. But the effects of a workout could last until the next day, if not more.

2. If it can’t be fixed, accept that it’s broken
Acceptance is important especially when faced with a difficult or trying situation. Being able to accept your current dire situation – instead of rejecting or denying them – actually helps your body adapt to changes. Too much stress tenses the body up mentally, emotionally or physically.
When you are in a positive state of mind, it is easier to accept circumstances as they come. Accepting that the toaster cannot be fixed because it is old and run down may be easier compared to accepting that you are old and run down. But the key is in accepting what is right in front of you. It is a lot better to acknowledge facts than live in denial of the truth.

For instance, accepting that you are old could pave the way to your own personal, spiritual and emotional growth. So what if you’re old? At least you know better not to drink while driving now.
So you have eleven fingers instead of ten, who cares? It may not be normal, but you have to admit that it’s cool.
Accepting your current situation allows you to have a different if not better perspective on your condition. Plus, being open to new and fresh ideas helps open your mind and therefore make you creative.

3. Get busy doing the thing you like best and/or love
Being involved in an activity that you find worthwhile helps you focus and expel your energy positively.
If you like helping people and would want to contribute to a charity, it could be better to be personally involved and not just send money to a certain address or charge it to your credit card. Doing so helps you feel more accomplished and fulfilled. Remember though that you do not have to be noble unless you want to.
You could also learn to play an instrument. Teach yourself to play the guitar, piano, drums, etc. Learning music or being able to play a song you love is a worthwhile activity that could help channel your creativity.
The idea is to have something to look forward to each day or every week which would make your heart or spirit soar. All you have to do is find your passion and go for it.

4. Say “Ohm” and mean it
Never underestimate the power of meditation. You also do not have to laugh at yourself when you find yourself in a lotus position and whispering “Ohm” as you slowly inhale and exhale.
Take note though that you do not have to say “Ohm.” Simply find a quiet corner in your house and sit in a position you are most comfortable in. Then shut up and keep quiet. Don’t talk. Just close your eyes and slowly breathe in and breathe out. Those who do meditation for the first time find a flurry of thoughts racing through their brain. This is normal. Just allow your thoughts to come and then go.
Meanwhile, others find themselves falling asleep. That’s ok. Let yourself take a rest. Feeling drowsy is the body’s way of expelling pent up emotions which may be causing you unnecessary burden. Simply allow any feelings to come up and see them go if not disappear.

5. Express yourself
It is always best to express yourself either through a journal, diary, a song, a poem or a blog. Or you could simply tell a friend about the bad day you had with your boss from hell or about the beautiful flower you picked while going home from school.

*Any way you can tell someone or something how you feel actually helps liberate and energize your spirit.
Emotions which are kept or hidden from your own view actually rots. Imagine them occupying unnecessary space in your heart, mind or soul. Acknowledging and expressing them helps lighten your being as long as it is done in a manner that is positive.
For instance, you do not have to say “You suck” in front of your boss’ face. You could do so in a creative way, through a song perhaps or a rap which could similarly reflect the feelings of others who maybe in the same predicament as you. Who knows, you might even get tons of views.