The Christmas party at the office is a powerful tradition within the modern day business community and employees look forward to the opportunity to celebrate and receive gifts from management. Yet, as with the overall spirit of Christmas, you might not always have the money to host celebrations. Nevertheless, as the lack of a Christmas party at the office would even further reduce the already low morale of the staff members, it is recommended that the leadership reconsidered their decision to cancel this year’s party. While it is virtually impossible to organize a party with zero costs, it is possible to have a Christmas party with minimal expenses. Below are some pointers as to how managers can go about in getting some free stuff for the Christmas party.

The room
Despite the fact that most companies host their parties at fancy locations, this year, they should consider hosting the party within the very office. This could be achieved by organizing the party in the large conference room. Assuming that the conference room does not satisfy the needs, it could also be possible to rearrange the desks and hold the party in the working spaces.

Again, similar to the room, the food would generally be contracted to a catering business. Since this year’s budget is significantly reduced, a solution could be identified in that each employee is asked to bring in a tray of foods, to be served. As an additional idea to enhance the fun of the party, a competition could be organized to identify the best cook. This would however imply that each staff member brings in food they prepared, rather than bought from the supermarket.

Since no party is a real Christmas party without gifts, an idea could be forwarded for a Secret Santa. The concept virtually refers to a situation in which the names of all employees are put down on paper and then placed into a bowl. Each staff member will extract one name from the recipient and will be in charge of purchasing a gift for the respective individual. This strategy ensures that all employees will receive a gift. Additionally, to adjust to the tougher economic conditions, as well as avoid awkward situations, it would be useful to set a cap on the gift spending, such as $20.

No party is a true party without music. Therefore, the traditional DJ will be replaced with an employee that possesses an amplifier. Employees could be asked to lend their personal CDs for dancing music. Christmas music could be legally downloaded from the internet from specialized websites that offer Christmas music for free (i.e.

It is important for the managerial team to make a speech in which they recognize the limited funds of this years’ party, but in which they also mention the difficult economic times, which justify the individual sacrifices. Once these limitations have been mentioned, it is pivotal to lift the spirits of the employees by appealing to emotions. This would be achieved through statements of unity and promises of future success; the HR and PR departments will be able to come up with the most appealing speech. It must however be remembered that the speech has to be personalized in order to enhance its chances of success. A distant and professional discourse will not serve the purpose for which it is intended.