It’s 3:30 pm and you can’t wait until tonight’s dinner and a movie. You have planned every detail meticulously and triple cleaned your kitchen in preparation. You made at least 4 special trips to the store to make sure you had the perfect ingredients for the spectacular dinner that you plan to cook – your secret recipe. You rush over to spend the final hour before you enter the kitchen to pick out the perfect movie for the evening, and arrive back just in time to get started. You turn on the TV for background noise while you cook and select the Discovery Channel, your favorite. The first thing you see is an ad for a new series called Pitchmen where the star of the show is setting himself on fire and begins promoting a new product called ColdFire, a fire extinguisher that leaves the aftermath of fires cold to the touch without the toxic mess afterward. You give it a brief thought knowing that you just checked the fire alarms in the house just last week, and you think you remember having a fire extinguisher around somewhere when you moved into the home a few years back. Then you begin preparing for dinner.
You glance at the clock after you finish slicing the vegetables to make sure you are on track with time and realize that you are far behind schedule and really need to get the main course frying or it will be undercooked by the time your guest arrives. You go into panic mode and turn the burners on while pouring the grease into the pan. Multi-tasking at light speed, you hear the sizzle of the oil already beginning to cook the main course and think you may be on track after all – then you remember that you never started the desert.
You grab the desert from the fridge and in one swift motion turn on the oven to 350° and open the oven door – but you forgot to take the plastic off of the desert! As you swing around to the kitchen counter to fix your mistake, your wrist catches the frying pan handle and the oil splashes onto the kitchen stove in all directions.
That’s when everything begins to move in slow motion..
You watch in horror as the oil catches the flames and fiery fluid begins running down the kitchen stove and onto your counter. The pot holders that you have hanging there are immediately engulfed in flames and the fire alarms begin screaming in the background. You rifle through memories of where you put the fire extinguisher and can’t remember exactly where you put it.  In a matter of seconds, the fire has already spread to the kitchen ceiling and through the cupboards while the fingers of the flames grow into enormous fireballs. You grab for the kitchen towel that you had hanging on the oven handle but are met with intense heat that feels as though it is melting your skin as you reach for it. Your mind is flooded with everything you were taught about fires and you can’t help thinking, “This is not happening to me!”
The kitchen is a cloud of flames and smoke and you have no other option but to grab your cell phone from your pocket as you run to the front door of your home. As you dial 911 you can’t help remembering the ad for ColdFire that was just on the TV. As you stand in street in front of your home with billowing clouds of smoke pouring from the kitchen and living room windows you scream in agony witnessing the destruction of everything before your eyes. As the firefighters begin to break out windows and doors while firing rivers of water into your kitchen, you can’t help wondering,”What if I had remembered where I put that fire extinguisher?”
Don’t get caught off-guard! Protect your home from a story like this with ColdFire – the ultimate weapon against Kitchen Fires!