In this interconnected and wired world, news breaks every minute. Keeping and eye on CNN all the time might be an option for some, but sometimes news channels show news you are not interested in, and web sites do not upload news that are happening right now. If you want your breaking news delivered to you in a timely manner, here is how to get it.

Tickers are text scrollers. The text scrolls through a screen. In news channels they scroll at the bottom of the screen. Usually start out with the words Breaking News. So what is this scrolling text? They are short communications from reporters or agencies which deliver them as they are happening. There are thousands of reporters working throughout the world assuring you get the news in the moment it breaks.

These days every respectable news agency offers free ticker services. CNN, BBC, The Guardian, or The Telegraph, and their news tickers can be downloaded from their web sites. The download links are easy to find and download does not take long. Tickers can be switched off when you require a more tranquil workspace. Tickers are available for mobile phones as well.

News agencies such as Reuters, AP, and others also offer tickers. But what is the great thing about tickers, besides that they look kind of cool? They can be set to your most intimate needs. When you install them, they will ask you what news you are interested in. Generally you can tick up to 10 boxes for free. The issues available vary from Local News, International News, Sports, Economics, Markets and Travel, to Technology, Science, Environment and many others.

If you work with breaking news, sports, tourism, or with financial markets, you should really follow news tickers.

Tickers also have another great feature. The ticker can be arranged to slide from left to right, from right to left, on the top, on the side, or at the bottom of your screen. Whatever version you prefer, so that they would not interfere with your work at all.

How they work
Basically you will see titles of breaking news one after the other. If you chose politics, regional, sports or others, the ticker will show these breaking stories. The text flows in short lines of concise titles. Each title can be clicked on. Once you click on the title that interests you, your internet browser will open and direct you to the news.

Keep up to date with breaking news, even before it is screened on Television. Be ahead of the pack. Use the same technology leading journalists of the world use to be informed. Use news tickers.