Dove is offering free samples of their new hair care series. These shampoos are meant for hair defense therapy. More specifically one for heat and second for intensive therapy. The amounts of give away products are limited and because of that the heat therapy product has already run out. The same is likely to happen with the intense therapy shampoo soon, so if you would like to get it, you should hurry!
The link to get your free Dove intensive hair damage therapy shampoo.

2.Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders offers also many different free samples of their products. You will have to create an account to the Procter and Gamble network and subscribe to newsletters in order to get these samples. You will also start receiving different kind of coupons, which offer you to buy Head & Shoulders products with cheaper prices. The products are in limited quantities.
Link to get your free Head & Shoulders shampoo

L’Oreal offers free samples of its series “EverPure”. This is a series, which has different products for different types of hair (colored, damaged etc.). You again have to make an account to be able to order these samples and coupons, which give you the opportunity to get 1$ off skincare or lip products. And also again, there are limited quantities of products.
Link to get your free L’Oreal shampoo