Survival in the Jungle. If for some reason you end up in the Jungle you will need to know how to survive. The jungle can be an intimidating and confusing place, especdially if you do not know what to do. If you have been in an accident or if you are heading out into the jungle, this guide provides basic jungle survival guide.

How to get out of the Jungle

Destination Target: After an hour or so the Jungle can start looking very much all the same. The sky can be out of sight. Pick a direction and follow it. This will avoid you from going in circles. Search for a river. A river is your way out. A river will take you home.

A technique called Dead Reckoning can be used. Again pick a target (such as a tree) as far as you can see and then walk to it. Then pick out another in the same direction, and walk towards that one as well. Check back to the old target to see if they are in line (same direction) and repeat the process.

Check the terrain for sloping or signals of streams nearby. If you find two streams that come together, that means they are meeting and they are likely to lead to a river.

In the Jungle there are people who live on the river. If you are alone and have nothing with you, use this technique to get you out of the Jungle and keep yourself alive.

Signalling: Survival experts say a good technique for signalising is a big black fire. Make a fire and burn foliage to create black smoke. In the Canopy a big black fire means distress. You can also use a mirror. Stay alert, listen and use a whistle or whistle yourself every two or three hours.

If you are heading out into the Jungle

What to take with you: Take a machete, a knife, two bottles of water, water purification drops, two cigarette lighters, and a map. You should also take two compasses (in case one is faulty), a small Survival Hammock, some rope, a mosquito net and a poncho to keep you dry. You can fit all this into a small light pack. You can survive in the Jungle for a very long time with just these items.

Protect your head: Wear a head ban. Head bans are better than hats. They will protect your hair from insects, crawlers or spines. They will keep your view open and sweat out of your face.

Protect your feet and your hands: Make sure your feet are dry. Keeping your feet dry is very important. Use gloves to protect your hands. There are different trees in the jungle that are fitted with spines or branches. They will cut through your skin. Cuts in the jungle can be easily infected. The jungle is steaming with bacteria.

If you are heading out: Make a plan and leave it with someone. In case you do not come back, they will know where to look for you.

Be on the look-out for things you can hunt: The jungle is filled with animals and snakes

Water: If you have not taken the water with you, you will have to either collect rain water or boil water from streams. You can also use water purification drops.

Shelter: Choose a place where to spend the night. Make sure it is a good place, not too close to river. Night in the jungle comes down fast, so get a head start on making your shelter. Choose two firm trees and tie your hammock to it. It should reach your mid chest. Once you get inside it will lower. String your poncho on top of your hammock. It will act as a roof. This way you will not get wet. Place the mosquito net on you before you go to sleep. The hammock will keep you dry in the jungle night and high off the ground.

Making a Fire: Lay down some leaves on the ground to build a fire avoiding the moist ground. Use a knife to scrap the branches off a tree to make a fire starter. A fire starter is also called a bird nest. Light the bird nest with matches, lighter or a magnifying glass.

The jungle is a very damp place, so getting fire started without matches or cigarette lighter can be very difficult. Once you have your bird nest lit up, add small twigs on top, and increase in size. Build the fire slowly, eventually add logs. A fire will serve you to keep warm, keep animals and insects away (smoke) and to keep you dry. At night take your boots off, so your feet can get some air. Dry your wet socks or clothes with the heat of the fire.

Jungle Cooking: When you cook or boil food and water, the bacteria and parasites are killed by the heat. At night eat as much as you can. Get all the energy you can, you will need it. Don’t leave food on the ground, it will attract animals. Tie it to a rope and lift it high from the ground.

Protection: Get a firm high and strong branch. Cut the higher end blade sharp. Use that to walk and as defence. You may need to put up a fight.

This article is not responsible for readers personal interpretations nor for readers safety. This article suggest you always be informed before heading out into the Jungle. This article recommends you speak with experts and make sure you are in professional hands.