The saying goes “nothing is free”, but when it comes to Free Traveling, this might not be entirely the case. What if you could not only travel for free, but get to know people and know the places you have dreamed of all your life? What if you where actually paid for traveling? If a career in tourism journalism seems a long way to accomplish the goal, here are couple of other possibilities.

You will need a lot of patience and dedication, but don’t turn away from your dream only after a few couple of web searches. Dig deeper. Stay focused. Remember that you are looking for free travel. Do not settle for fees. Here are some pointers for you:

*Step one: Decide what is your best skill. This is essential, as free traveling in this article requires you to do some volunteer work. So, as a first thing decide on what type of volunteer work you want to do. For example, do you like taking pictures? Can you teach another language? Have you completed a first aid course? Are you a good writer, or good with people? Are you into the environment and nature? The answers to these questions are important and here is why.
*Step two: Look for organizations, programs, scholarships, grants and/or contests that offer free travel as part of their program. Choose carefully. Go to the top world players. National Geographic, Red Cross, Peace Corps, Sea Shepherd, new Environmental Projects, and many other international organizations have this type of programs available. There are many new programs which rise from intercultural exchange and that are possible now due to globalization, so search for those as well. Things like United Nations Volunteer programs, Stand against Poverty, Health, Doctors with out Borders, etc.

Here are some organizations worth checking out. They set the guides for serious volunteer travel opportunities.

Peace Corps Volunteers – receive pay and living expenses, transition money, vacation time, and deferment of student loans. Their frequently asked questions can be found at

Red Cross is another good place to start with. Search for Red Cross representatives in your own country and within your own local area. Talk personally to local representatives. Be sincere. Inquire them about possibilities in their organization.

Other places which offer grants, sponsorship, contests are listed below. There are a significant number of more opportunities if you look for them. Just be sure to know what you are looking for. Match your interest, skills to your search. In simple words – if you are into photography, go after photography grants. If you’re into nature, look for nature related programs.

Here are some sites worth taking a look at:

Sail the Oceans for Free
If you like the sea, and love whales, you can travel the oceans for free with Sea Shepherd. These are just some examples of the many opportunities out there.

*Step three: Apply. Do your best when applying. Prepare, and get your best material together. Put your best presentation skills to work.

*Step four: Apply to several programs at the same time. This way you have more possibilities of being chosen. Do not apply generically. Pay attention to each of the chosen locations, programs and destinations. Read the guides carefully. Make sure they cover travel expenses. Make sure they are right for you. If they do offer pay, then be sure you can deliver and get the job done. Search for the program that is right for you.

*Step five: Continue applying until you are successful.
Experts say that success depends on constant work, perseverance, quality, honesty, receptivity and good will. If you stop applying and wonder about your chances of success, know that someone will be granted the place. That person will definitely not be you if you do not apply.