1.Do you have any friends or acquaintances working for the airline? Don’t be afraid to ask for some personal favors – maybe they can use some personal special privileges, so your flight will be more enjoyable. Also, some airlines give their stuff upgrade vouchers.
2.Don’t be ashamed to use your title. If you’re some way special – like you’re a reverend, judge or professor – make a note of it beforehand. That way airline company can make a note of it and maybe, just maybe it will “buy” you an upgrade.
3.If you order special meals (vegan, vegetarian, halal or kosher) you may as well as say goodbye to your upgrade, as flights very rarely carry spare meals, especially for the upper class seats, since their food costs more.
4.If you’re celebrating something special, let the airline know! Whether it be a honeymoon or 50th birthday, it may be a ticket to upgraded seats.
5.You are much more likely to get an upgrade, if you travel alone. So if you’re traveling with a group but don’t care about sitting with them, make sure you have separate booking to increase your odds for an upgrade.
6. If there’s something wrong with your seat, discreetly ask a nearest steward about it. They may move you up for your trouble.
7.If possible, join the Frequent Flyer clubs, which is the best way to ensure regular upgrades.
8.Full-price ticket holders are on the front line of upgrading. The simple reason is that airline companies don’t like people boasting they got long-haul ticket for ridiculous sum of money, as it is bad for companies’ reputation.
9.On some flights on Canadian and American routes, people are guaranteed for upgraded if they have special tickets. Use site called Fare Compare at farecompare.com to search upgrade codes and special tickets.