I am one of those people who constantly get colds. I rarely get a serious flu, but I have a runny nose throughout the entire winter. I generally get over the counter medicines at the drug store, but too much of them is not good for your body. So this winter season I tried to reduce my colds through natural and easy solutions. Here are some useful tips:

1.Drink lots of fluids. Try to eat hot sup every day and drink as much tea and water as possible. For a spur of your health, try to replace the unhealthy juices with natural juices or plain water. Keeping your body hydrated is essential in enhancing your immune system and is as such useful while both healthy or already with a cold.
2.Consume lots of vegetables. It is generally useful to eat them in a form closely to the natural one. Only let the vegetables in soups soften; the ones you serve as a side dish should remain crunchy. Steam cooking is a great alternative to boiling and frying.
3.Eat lost of fruit. Oranges are often the most accessible solution, as well as the most useful one, due to the high content of vitamin C. Other great fruit to be consumed during the winter season are the grapefruit, the kiwi and the sweetie. You should also consume lots of lime, which you can however replace with the less fancy, more affordable and equally helpful lemon. Squeeze lemon in your tea and water for increased immune system and an improved digestive system.
4.Use a lot of honey. It also strengthens your immune system, not to mention that it tastes great and is generally healthy. Did you know that honey is the single thing that does not go bad? Replace as much sugar as possible with honey, such as in tea or in coffee.
5.Combine honey with cinnamon to clear your sinuses. A tablespoon of honey taken together with half a teaspoon of powder cinnamon will alleviate your cold symptoms.
6.Enjoy the benefits of warm water. Whenever you come home and your feet feel cold, put them in hot water. Also, if you are cold, take a hot bath. This will revive your circulation and will reduce the chances of catching a cold. Look for bubble bath with eucalyptus aroma, as this will help clear your sinuses and your respiratory apparatus.
7.Keep warm at all times. It is very important that your feet are warm. If you go outside, wear solid waterproof shoes and even two pairs of socks. If you stay indoors, make sure to wear warm slippers, rather than the plastic or rubber ones you use during the summer season.
8.Also, it is crucial that your whole body maintains a constant temperature. So when you go outside, wear clothes that keep you warm. They should be made from cotton, rather than synthetic fiber. And remember that it is highly more beneficial for you to wear several layers of lighter clothes, rather than a single layer of thick clothes; the multi-layer system of getting dressed is better in preserving heat that the single thick clothes.
9.Even if it’s not too cold outside, always wear a hat, gloves and a scarf.