CDs and DVDs are similar in a sense that digital players read them in a spiral beginning from the CD or DVD disk’s center and continuing onto the disk’s outer edge.

Information found on the CDs or DVDs are recorded or digitally encoded via bumps found below the disk’s surface. A laser then reads these bumps by passing onto its surface and having the bumps reflected off. Anytime the CD or DVD’s surface is scratched, the laser’s path is slightly diverted thereby causing the player’s inability to read the disc.

Fortunately, CD or DVD scratches could be easily removed using items found around your house. It is also possible to restore your favorite CDs or DVDs in the original condition you first purchased them.

1. It would be best to first check the DVD in order to ensure if the scratch could be easily removed using a moist cloth. Hold the DVD at a nearby light source and see if you can view surface blemishes at an angle.

2. You can use a lint-free optical cloth – the same ones you use to clean your eyeglasses – to clean CDs or DVDs. Such a type of cloth is soft and will not leave any type of lint on the surface of the CD or DVD. Rubbing alcohol could also be used to clean DVDs. Simply place a few drops on a lint cloth and rub the CD or DVD surface lightly. Make sure that you rub in a straight line from the CD or DVD’s center out onto the edge.

3. Fixing and removing scratches from a CD is also possible with the use of a banana. Peel a banana and break a small piece of the fruit and wipe the scratched surface of the CD using a banana in a circular motion for at least a minute. After which, spray the CD using a glass cleaner and wipe the CD dry until you see the surface shine.

4. Using toothpaste or basking soda to remove the scratch off CDs or DVDs is also possible as these are light abrasives. Just make sure to use these carefully as a few cleaning agents actually harm the surface of a disc.

With toothpaste, squeeze some of it on the CD scratch and spread it all over the area where the scratch is found. Then, wash it off using warm water in order to take away any residue. After which, wipe the CD dry ensuring that you start from the disc center onto the rim and in a straight line. Doing so prevents any loss of data.

5. Liquid car wax or Vaseline could also be used to remove scratches from a CD. Make sure to apply small drops of liquid car wax or Vaseline on the center of the disc up to the edges. Doing so provides the CD with a coat of oil thereby fixing the CD surface’s outer layer. After which, wipe away any residue using a soft cottony cloth.

All in all, removing blemishes from a CD or DVD is possible only if you are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to do so. However, the best way to avoid a scratch is to prevent a CD or DVD from having one. One effective way is through proper CD and DVD storage.