One major reason why you should make your own jewelry is that it offers you the opportunity to create your unique and original piece that truly bears your personal mark.

Making your own jewelry also provides a great venue for self-expression as it allows you to be creative. Plus, it costs less to make one than it is to purchase a piece. Similarly, creating your own jewelry is a way of customizing a gift to a loved one.

Before starting to make your own jewelry, first decide on the type of jewelry or area of jewelry making you want to concentrate on. Knowing whether you want to make a necklace, earring, bracelet or ring or if you want to create beaded acessories or pearls helps you know the specific charms, beads, tools and materials you will need.
If you do decide to make earrings, you will need to have tweezers, round-nosed pliers, nail clippers, wire cutters and a bead board (this is to avoid beads from spilling or rolling). You also have to have headpins, ear wires and beads.

It would also help if you have patience, a tad of creativity and the passion to make your own jewelry earring:
1. First step is to collect two head pins (these look a lot like thin long nails) and two ear wires (this would serve as the drop earring’s hook part which will then go through the ear hole).
2. You also have to have at least six or eight beads and spacer beads (these are small beads which look plain enough to offset the showy beads).
3. Place your beads on two pin heads. At this point, allow your creativity to go wild as you select the colors and designs you want to see. As much as possible, do not be afraid to try something new in terms of placing beads and charms on the head pins. Play around with the various beads on the head pin. Combining various patterns, colors, textures and sizes could help create a truly unique design. Do remember that whatever pattern you select, these have to have matching beads for each earring piece.
4. Also, leave at least a space that is large enough for a bead atop the head pin. This ensures that you have enough room to close it off. You can leave as much as a half inch or a full inch.
5. Using the pliers, bend the end of the pin head to a loop. But primarily, make sure to bend the wire out towards a right angle from the section of the beads. After which, bend the wire in order to make a small loop. Do not forget that the wire end must be in contact with the top bead. Also, a small space must be left so you could easily insert the beaded head pin to the ear wires.
6. After which, you can now close the headpin. This could be done by making a loop with the use of a round nosed plier and twisting the wire.
7. Then, connect the headpin with the ear wire by closing the premade loop with the help of tweezers.

Voila! Your very own personally made earring to brag, wear and show off. Who knows, you can even sell them yourself.

NOTE: Prior to using the earrings, they need to be sterlized with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.