Go to BK and order any item. If you are a senior, a senior drink for 39 cents will do. KEEP THE RECEIPT! Go home and call the survey telephone # on the back of the receipt. They ask just a few questions, answer them and then ‘Jennifer’ will give you a code to enter in the space on the back of the receipt.

Go Back to any participating BK (even the one you started at), order a Senior Drink (39 cents) and a Value French Fries ($1.00) plus give them the Receipt that you have the code number on that they gave you when you did the survey.

Get a FREE WHOPPER OR ORIGINAL CHICKEN SANDWICH (FREE), an order of FRENCH FRIES ($1.00) and a SENIOR DRINK (39 CENTS). Plus 9 cents tax (in FL) and your total price for the WHOPPER, FRIES and DRINK is $1.48.
Pretty good deal.

They say you can only do 1 per month but with no way for them to check you could do this as often as you’d like. Try it.