Eventually you will need hosting to store your websites and other files. I use this free web hosting becuase they offer unlimited everything for as little as $3.95 per month.

Here is how to get FREE hosting for your website plus some tricks to save thousands on your other sites.

1. Since Startlogic offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domains you can store as many domains there as you want. Example: Lets say you owned www.webtemplex.com, www.jailguide.com and www.bluffspot.com – 3 domains – you would think you would need 3 separate hosting accounts – not so! You would simply create a folder within the host pertaining to the domains name and then point that domain to the folder. Sounds complicated but Startlogics Tech support is available 24/7 and can easily walk you through it. So just in this step you’ll only spend $9.95 per YEAR hosting one of your domains – this saves $61.45 at the least.
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So, you may be out of pocket the initial $71.40 but you will get $100 in return for signing up under your own name. Thereby getting the hosting for free and… getting $29.60 as well – its like getting paid to host with them! You can also find this vendor on Commission Junction!

So – you save $71.40 and get a check for $29.60 – a very good deal – I suggest you check out this free web host today. Tell your friends to sign up under your name and make more money every month