If you are a regular person, like most of us are, purchasing a house or an apartment is a financially challenging situation. So at the end of the process, you will be left with little money to spend on adjacent items. But since you already invested so mush in your home, it is only natural that you want it to be as welcoming and as comfortable as possible. However, contracting the services of a specialized interior designer to tell you how to arrange and organize your furniture and other belongings is mostly inaccessible. So here is what you do:

1. Discuss with friends
Some of your friends and acquaintances could have recently been confronted with a similar situation and they might be in a position to make suggestions and recommendations. I for instance would tell my friends to not buy dark color furniture as it is extremely sensitive to dust and you should clean it every day so that it looks perfect.

When talking to friends, you could even find out that one of them is learning to be an interior decorator and would love to see your apartment and design a furniture and arrangement concept for free, just for the experience. One could also inform you that he knows an interior decorator that designs concepts at low rates or is currently offering promotional sales.

2. Go to the library
You should gather some knowledge on interior design by yourself. Reading books on the subject will not only help you for now, but will enhance your baggage of general knowledge and your social interaction abilities. Therefore, go to the library and browse through some books on interior design. Some suggestions include John Pile’s Color in Interior Design or Joseph de Chiara’s Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning.

3. Go online
The internet is an invaluable source of information, including tips on how to furnish and decorate your home. You could for instance visit the Interior Design Website at www.interiordesign.net, the Fresh Home Website at http://freshome.com/, the Rental Decorating Digest Website at www.rentaldecorating.com or the Get Decorating Website at www.interiordezine.com.

Aside form giving you ideas on how to arrange your home, the internet will also constitute a place where you will be able to experiment with several opportunities. This possibility is generally realised within an interior design stimulator, a software application in which you introduce the size of your rooms and the drawings of the furniture you wish to install. Some websites where you can find interior design simulators include the following: