Looking for a place to host your poker league statistics, your ROI, your bankroll and even points of your team-mates? The www.bluffspot.com is the place to be… and its FREE!

If you have a home poker league and are looking for a place to do all of those things as well as get free access to one of the largest poker blinds clocks, chip calculators and member management then www.Bluffspot.com is the place to go.

As a poker player (texas holdem) my league was looking for a place to store our winning statistics which helped in determining who was the better poker player in our poker league. We found it and this place also includes free email to members, a free member locator (in case you need players in your city) and even a league finder if you are looking for a league.

Simply sign up as the league manager and add in your players. Then when you have a tourney, notify everyone in your league via the easy to use tourney emailer and it sends an email to each member asking for an RSVP to the poker game. It even tracks the house stats and how much money is left for the end of the year party!

What I like the best is the chip calculator – it actually determines how “many” chips you’ll need for a game. Not just what each person will get – but in total too!