There are many ways to become a book review blogger and therefore get free books. Here are some of them.
To become a Thomas Nelson book review blogger:
1.Go to
2.Sign up using provided registration form at the bottom of that page.
3.You must include all the requested contact and mailing information. If your contact information changes, you will need to update your profile which you will get if you complete the registration.
4.Once your application is approved, Thomas Nelson will send you a confirmation email to confirm your registration as a Book Review Blogger.
5.To get any product you are interested in, visit and sign up. Be aware that some products are only available in limited quantities and not all their products are available for review.
6.After you’ve requested a review copy, you will receive a PDF of the first to chapters. The book will get to you via mail.
7.After you’ve read the book, you must write a review that is 200 words long. The review can be positive and it can be negative but it must be based on the entire book (not only on few chapters).
8.After that you must post your review on your blog and any consumer retail website such as,,,,,,,, and All those websites have a section for customer reviews.
9.Then update your Thomas Nelson account. If you have done that you are allowed to sign up for another book to review.

To become a Bethany House book review blogger:
1.Go to this link:
2.Use the form on that page to sign up. To qualify for Bethany House book review blogger, you must reside in North America.
3.After registering you will receive emails alerting you to books available for review.
4.After requesting a book you must post a review on your website as well as consumer retail website (such as etc).
5.After posting a review it would be nice if you let the publishers know about that, using the email on sign up page.