If you don’t have an insurance but you live active sexlife you may need birth control for free. Though it’s possible to get free pills you should really think about it – even if you don’t have any money and don’t find a way to get them free, buying condoms or pills is much cheaper than getting pregnant and raising a child. But there are ways to get free birth control.

1.If you are low-income you may need to qualify and enroll in state or federal programs. To find out if you qualify, check your local Planned Parenthood or similar family planning health center. Their staff helps you enroll in appropriate programs.
2.Planned Parenthood’s Family Planning Benefit Program allows a free pills, a gynecologist exam and other services. Once you get accepted to the program, you only have to go back once a year.
3.Check out http://ask.hrsa.gov/pc/. This is The US Department of Health and Human Services webpage which can help you find a birth control at a reduced price.
4.The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene also provides free emergency contraception (EC) for city residents through the city’s STD clinics, call 311 to find a center near you (keep in mind, EC is not to be used as a continuous contraceptive, it’s really just for emergencies).
5.Find your local nonprofit pregnancy center. They often offer more than just free pills – you can get a free testing, counseling and other contraceptives.
6.There are also methods that don’t require insurance or prescriptions. The most common way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are latex condoms. They are cheap, widely available and very effective. Condoms are often offered free in clinics, health care centers, bars, restaurants and in community centers.
7.Visit your doctor and tell him your situation. Doctors often get free sample packages they may give you. Of course, it’s only a temporary solution, but this is better than nothing, right?