Whenever I have to go to an event, I have nothing to wear. Nothing fits right, nothing suits the occasion and nothing makes me feel more confident or even comfortable. So I need something new – which will probably end up in the closet – but which will serve its purpose for the event in question. Buying a new outfit for every occasion is a financially highly destructive habit. Free clothes can however be obtained in other means, such as the following:

1. Keep your eyes open and seize the opportunities – they will arise.
You should live your social life as well as you can, regularly, and in doing so, you should pay attention to announcements or rumors of where clothes are given for free. A relevant example, which occurred to me on several occasions, is given by the attendance of social events sponsored by apparel manufacturing organizations. It is highly possible for the sponsoring organizations to offer free pieces of clothing. I for instance received at least three t-shirts, a sweater and two pairs of gloves and winter scarves while going to movie premiers, IT presentations or even out for a drink to a bar in which a political party was advertising itself, and strived to attract electorate by offering us clothes.

2. Trade
As it can be expected, my dressing room is filled with clothes that I wore once and will probably not wear again. For many of you, the situation is similar. What better way to get rid of your old clothes than to exchange them for new ones? There are two possible ways to trade.

First you should trade with your friends, who must have nearly brand new clothes in their dressers, and who would like to refresh their wardrobe. You could make this a one-on-one session, or you could gather all your friends at a designated location, where you all can trade the clothes for new ones.

Secondly, you could trade your clothes for new ones at second hand shops – these are virtually stores in which worn clothes are sold at next to nothing prices. You could for instance make a deal with the shop assistant here and have her call you when a new shipment is in progress. You would then bring some of your old clothes here and pick newer ones instead – by newer I do not mean literally new clothes, just new for you.

3. Sign in as a model to a fashion parade
The fact that you are not tall and skinny does no longer represent an impediment to being present on the catwalk. Many apparel manufacturers are focusing their attention on manufacturing larger size clothing items, as a response to the changes incurred by the modern day society. Extremely slim models are not only no longer desired, but even frowned upon as they induce this perception of the appealing individual which has to fit in 0 size clothes.

Returning to the current topic however, smaller size and local apparel manufacturers generally can not afford to hire specialized models to present their clothes. They will then go for regular people, who have a regular job, and who reveal a passion for clothing. The actual pay is in many cases nonexistent, or very small, but the advantage is that you get to keep the clothes you introduced to the runway.