So you might be pregnant? Don`t worry, internet is here to help. There are many ways you to find out the truth for free.

Let`s start of with online tests. But you must keep in mind that these are pregnancy PROBABILITY tests and these won’t be a substitute for real blood or urine test. Also, if you think you are pregnant you should contact your doctor. But before going for real tests there are websites that help you find out whether you really might be pregnant.

Unfortunately there is currently no place from where you can order a free pregnancy test online.
There are some scam sites, the most known is the These are set up just to steal your email and other information. So be careful, when somethings looks a little bit too good then do some research.

*Visit site called The Pregnancy (Probability) Test at This is a test which utilizes your natural menstrual cycle and date of intercourse to plot a mathematical calculation which indicates the likelihood of pregnancy. You only must enter the two dates and numbers below and submit the data to find out how likely it is for you to be pregnant.

*There is pregnancy calculator at that helps you determine the approximate due date by imputing simple information about your monthly cycle.

*On site called Fertility Testing at you can also mathematically find out the likelihood of being pregnant.

*Rockville Pregnancy Center offers online pregnancy probability test and also you can have free urine test taken in their center in Rockville, MD.

The only place you can get pregnancy tests done for free and safely are hospitals that are funded by the Title-X Family Planning Program. You can read more about the Title-X program here.In Title-X participating hospitals, the pregnancy test is done free of cost. They do other things for you such as support for an unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion support, free baby clothes (some centres), chlamydia testing (some centres), miscarriage and other baby loss support, advice and information.
Following is a list of places from where to search a clinic near you that offers free pregnancy testing amongst other services.

* Is probably the largest database of clinics that offer free pregancy testing, it covers US, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, New Zealand and Bermuda.

*In you can also search a clinic near you by either entering a zip code or choosing one from the map.

*You can find New York clinics that offer free pregnancy testing at

* has a list of clinics and you can get some spiritual help from them.

* has clinics in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio

*Planned Parenthood is offering free pregnancy testing at their clinics, for example at Winter Haven Health Center and Lakeland Health Center in Polk County. Find the nearest Planned Parenthood center to get free pregnancy test.

You can find very cheap urine tests at eBay! Be sure to check out the sellers reputation and compare prices before you buy something. Also check if the price includes shipping or is that extra. You can also go to an emergency room and convince them to give you an ultrasound but this works in later stages of pregnancy.
Some final tips:

*Drive around with your eyes open. Some hospitals and clinics advertise free tests on their outdoors sign and billboards. Medical schools can give out free tests also when they’re conducting a study.

*Check with your city’s health department. Most of the health departments of major cities give out free tests bi-monthly or certain days each week.

*If you don’t know any free clinics or community health centers near you call nearest hospital and ask – there is certainly someone who can help you find what you’re looking for.