1.Check out Graigslist.org – people offer free puppies and kittens all the time! Find one that’s in your area and contact the person offering.
2.Site called Petclassifieds.us is like CraigsList for animal owners. It’s a site filled with ads of puppies and kittens looking for new home.
3.Visit your local shelter – they are always looking for good and responsible people to take care of stranded puppies and kittens. This way you can save a life!
4.Visit SPCA’s website at spca.com. There you can find puppies that need home – adopting is free, but you must be ready to face the responsibility of having an animal in your home. These dogs are already suffered through much, all they need is food, shelter and lots of love!
5.Check out websites like www.simplepetcare.com, www.freepuppylistings.com, www.puppiessale.org – these are all sites where dog owners offer puppies to new owners.
6.For kittens check out websites like www.simplepetcare.com, www.felines4us.com, www.kittenlist.co.uk (if you are in Great Britan).
7.Check out your local veterinarian’s office – they almost always know, where to find kittens and puppies who look for new home.