Afterglow Cosmetics bridges the gap between natural and high-fashion cosmetics to bring you a truly natural blend of bio-active mineral make-up with the fabulous, organic infused, highly pigmented colour palette you crave. Our unique natural formulation and focus on natural and certified organic, bio-active botanicals of the highest quality ensures that our products are safer for your skin and body. They also perform better and last longer than traditional cosmetics. This attention to ingredients and detail makes Afterglow Cosmetics the natural choice for all women and are especially ideal for women.

“I am a professional cosmetologist who has tried countless name brand cosmetics. After finding out about the harmful ingredients in virtually all the makeup I have ever used, I decided to switch to healthier products. After several years and several wasted dollars, I was about ready to give up. By chance I saw an article in ‘Alternative Medicine’ magazine about dangerous additives in cosmetics. Afterglow Cosmetics was listed as a viable resource. The website was well designed and user friendly. I also greatly appreciated the opportunity to purchase samples because I did not want to invest more money in products I might not be pleased with. However, when the sample set arrived, I was thrilled to have finally found healthy cosmetics that also looked great and were easy to use. I have had more compliments telling me how nice my makeup looks than ever before. I plan to be a life-long customer! Thanks for your dedication regarding healthy cosmetics!”