So you’re going to have a baby! That can be a really expensive proposition and unless you are having quintuplets or sextuplets, no one is going to go out of their way to send you free merchandise.
Maybe the various companies won’t find you but you can find them. Here are some tips on some of the items that you can get for your baby for free.

*Let us begin with the baby stroller. This is a fairly expensive item and quite important for getting your baby from place to place like to the doctor’s office. There are actually internet sites out there that show you the various places where you might get one for free. Check out the free baby stroller site at

*If you want to go with second hand, gently-used items here’s a place where you can find strollers at prices much lower than new: . This is a national site but divided by cities.

*A crib is another expensive item that you will need for your baby. But you really do not need to rush out and buy one right away. Your baby can manage quite well for the first few months in the stroller mentioned above. When your baby gets too big to sleep in a stroller, try borrowing one from family members and friends whose babies are now past the crib stage. This is the most inexpensive way to get a crib. Remember that a crib is an item that has a very short useful life. So if you can’t borrow one from a friend, try the thrift stores, second-hand furniture stores and even charity stores run by organizations such as the Salvation Army. Many cribs end up in these places and you can get a second hand one at a very low price. There are also companies on the internet that will give you coupons and thus money off for buying your crib through them such as which can be found at:

*Diapers will become a constant in your life for the next few years. The major diaper companies often do freebies to hook you on their brand. Check out a few more general sites:
As a new mother to be it is essential that you check out
There you can find all sorts of items for your baby from diapers to free teething rings. It pays to keep checking back as the items keep changing.

And there are many other sites as well that offer you either coupons, the opportunity to take part in a lottery or actually have the possibility of getting some free sample in the mail. Check out for one such site.
I have just offered you the tip of the iceberg. Be creative and you can really find many free and almost free items for your baby.