People who have computers and are connected to the internet can easily download and install different kinds of games from the internet for use on portable gaming units. These games come in many different choices and genres for your gaming pleasure and can either be free games or games you have to purchase to be able to download them. The choices in games you have for download and installation on your computer then to your PSP actually covers quite a huge spectrum of game types.

What You Need

You will need a few things before you can get started. Aside from your PC and an internet connection, you will need a memory stick that is compatible with your PSP and a PSP unit that has firmware version 1.0 or version 1.5.

What To Do

Once you have your PSP and your memory stick ready, you can begin downloading your game of choice onto your PC.
1. To make sure that the game you are downloading can be used on your PSP, try to check for firmware compatibility with your PSP’s firmware version. Homebrew games are usually compatible with firmware versions that are either 1.0 or 1.5. Any firmware versions beyond that are usually incompatible with Homebrew games. After you have downloaded the game on your PC, double check to see that the game you downloaded is compatible with your psp.

2. After you have downloaded the game file you want for your PS, you will need to check if it is in a compressed form. You will then need to unzip it or uncompress it for upload to your PSP.

3. Connect your PSP to your PC with the use of its USB cable. This cable comes with the unit upon purchase. Make sure your memory card is in your PS before you connect.

4. You will then need to copy the game to your PSP and save it in the proper game folders on your PSP. You need to remember that your memory stick needs to have a PSP folder with a GAMES folder in it where you must place your game files in for it to run properly on your PSP. You will then need to copy all the files of the game for your PSP into the GAMES folder inside the PSP folder of your PSP unit.

5. Disconnect your unit from your PC and check your PSP for the files you just copied. It should be in the memory stick option. The games should be listed on the games list of the memory card.

You can then scroll down to the game you just installed and play it till your heart’s content.