Whether you want to make rock candies, because you want to keep a stash handy whenever you have a craving for sweets, or if you want to make it a lucrative rock candy business, don’t forget the fact that making rock candies takes time – at least a week. The basic reason for this is that the sugar crystals take more time to solidify.

However, the ingredients are simple and are readily available in your own home or in your friendly neighbrhood grocery store. All you need is a clean string of cotton, measuring cups, medium-sized metal saucepan, plastic wrapper, wooden stirring spoon, pencil and a glass jar to store the rock candies in. Plus, you have to have a cup of water, two cups of sugar (granulated), candy flavor and liquid food coloring.

1. The first thing to do is to wash the glass jar thoroughly using hot water in order to make it clean and sanitized. Then, cut a cotton thread the length of which is a bit longer than the jar’s height. Make sure to tape it well in a pencil across the jar’s lip. Ensure that the thread does not come in contact with the bottom of the jar. As much as possible, it has to hang an inch from the bottom.
2 . Remember that the candy need to have a layer base where the crystals of sugar will be able to hold onto the instance it starts crystallizing. Then, wet the thread and roll it on and around the granulated sugar – this process will basically strengthen the crystal’s grip.
NOTE: Another option is to dip the string’s free end within the sugar solution and allowng it to dry.

3. Bring to a boil a cup of water inside a medium-sized sauce pan. Then, add sugar, one cup at a time. Make sure to stir I constantly with the use of a wooden spoon.
4. When the sugar is dissolved, turn off the stove and add the flavorings and colorings. After which, add two to three drops of your preferred food color making sure that the color is smooth and even.
NOTE: The more food color added, the darker will be your rock candy.

5. Let the mixture cool for ten minutes prior to placing it inside the glass jar. After which, pour it all in the glass jar with the stringed sugar hanging an inch from the bottom. Then, put your jar in a place where it is cool and generally undisturbed.
6. The top should be loosely covered using either a paper towel or plastic wrap. You must be able to see small crystals starting to take shape in approximately 3 to 5 hours. All you need to do is wait until the rock candies reach the size you desire.
NOTE: The longer you allow it to crystallize, the larger the rock candies will be. Make sure though not to let it grow too big.

7. Finally, once the rock candies reach the size you desire, leave it to dry for some minutes. If you want to save the rock candies for later eating, you can wrap it in plastic wraps.