Want to get inside the sports event but don’t want to pay for your tickets? Sports tickets can be Free, if you know how to get them. Here is a free guide to obtain free sports tickets. From surfing the web and giveaway examples, to ways to get free tickets yourself.

Option one: Last Minute Giveaways
Generally local radio shows have free tickets to give away. Tune in to your local radio stations. Call them up for free opportunity to win free sports tickets. Usually the tickets are given away if you can respond correctly one or two questions. Try to get the answer right. Last minute giveaways are generally given to fill in the seats that have not been sold out. Go to the club´s web sites or organization for free tickets opportunities.

Option two: Outside the Stadium
If you have ever been to a stadium, you have seen thousands and thousands of people attending the event. Before the game there will be people who are selling off their tickets. However, there are always a significant number of people who have more extra tickets and arrive just in time for the match. They have no time to resell them. These tickets are often given away. So be patient, have in mind you may not enter, but ask everyone for a ticket. Endure even if people are unkind.

Option three: Work it off
You can also work your way into a sport event. Some weeks in advance get in contact with a small local paper, and inform that you will cover the match if they pay for the ticket. This can work well if you can pitch the editor the correct story. Who knows, they may even pay you. But make sure you can get the job done.

Option four: Contact institutions
The South African World cup is giving away free tickets because they want each match to be filled. This happens in every mayor event. These tickets are called complementary tickets, they are generally given to institutions. Approach institutions that work inside the sport event you are interested in attending.

Option five: Volunteer your way inside
You can volunteer your way into tournaments, or sports events. Every sport event will have organizations that are working voluntarily there and providing their services. From tennis to football, NASCAR, or soccer, volunteers are important for the organizers. Find out what organizations are volunteering and apply to aid. If you do volunteer, make sure you get the job done.