Do you have a collection of Glass or Antique China? Do you want to sell it off, but do not trust no one with the task of cleaning it? Do you want to get a better price for it? Do you simply want your antique China and Fine Glass to shine? Here is how to clean it safely.

Glass and China look better when they are impeccable. It is convenient to wash the elements that are not used. This will prevent them from being ruined. Use a soaped cloth and then a moist cloth to clean them. This article is not responsible for your personal experimentation or interpretations.

Cleaning Glass and China Antiques

Wash delicate glasses by hand, using a plastic bowl to avoid breaking fragile pieces. When you are working with China and Glass, do it with care. Never put the crafted glass, fine crystal or china in a ordinary dish washer. Strong detergents can cause white residues, which will later be impossible to remove. When drying fine crystal, always get a firm grip on them. Fine Crystal, especially the weak ends, can be broken very easily.

Make the Fine Crystal Shine:

After washing them, you can fill a container with water and put lemon peelings in the it. Lemon reduces the grease levels, and the acid of the lemon liberated will make the crystal shine.

If that is not enough, once they have been rinsed and dried out, you can prepare a thin layer of baking powder and water and rub it over the crystal (do this with care and caution). Then rinse it out and dry it off with a soft cloth to make it shine. This type of polishing works well with car windows as well.

Care of the objects

Avoid heat damage: Do not expose the china, or the glass to high temperatures or to extreme changes of temperatures, they can break. Silver and Golden decorations in crystal tend to break loose if the objects are washed or remain in hot water a long time.

Storage: Store the objects in the correct way. If you keep them upside down, they will become moist and the edges can be damaged.

Remove odors: If the objects smell, then rinse them, wash them and soak them in a solution of one liter of hot water with one teaspoon of mustard. Leave them there all night. On the following day wash and rinse off.

Separating Crystal objects: If two crystal objects have become stuck one inside the other, you can separate them without breaking them by following this advice. Put both objects in a boll. Fill the first object with ice cubes, this will make it contract. Then fill the boll with hot water (not boiling). This will make the other object expand. Pressure between both objects will decrease and you will be able to remove them. Do not leave them in the boll for too long time.