The Kiss
We all know what a kiss is, if you don’t then where have you been? But for the sake of this being a guide. I will mention it. If you check the dictionary it will say:

: Touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting.
Noun: A touch with the lips in kissing

It is not really known where the kiss originated from but that’s not important at the moment.

Before you get into the whole kissing thing you have to know what you are doing otherwise you might end up scaring away your potential kissing partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, crush etc..) away and we don’t want that happening, trust me.

There are many ways to practice. I’ll run through some of them

Television: This is probably the widest most available resource on kissing available. Watch a few romantic movies. It wouldn’t hurt, even if you don’t like them they will help you set up a romantic mood and mind set both when you are with or without your potential partner.
Fruit: Fruit can help you practice how to kissing. Just get a fruit. any fruit. I would recommend apples. Cut it into lip length pieces and practice away. This would help you to get use to the idea of something on your lips, if you bite it while practicing, then you are doing something wrong. Be gentle. Plus this will give you a nice snack when you’re done. Hey, it’s a win-win.
The Fist Method: This is probably the easiest and mot available method to learn how to kiss and you can practice it anywhere! All you have to do is make a fist with any one of your hands, doesn’t matter. You will notice your thumb and forefinger look lip-like. So practice away. The advantage with this method of learning how to kiss is you can also control your fist to respond to your kiss the same way a partner would respond.

So by now you have practiced how to kiss and you are feeling more confident than before. Now you have to prepare…….
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