A laptop itself can cost you anywhere from $400 to $1200 or a lot more. Why burden yourself with the added cost of acquiring a laptop sleeve when you can make one on your own for very little cost – all you need is a bit of time time, energy and patience.

If you have an old sweater you aren’t using anymore – preferably the type that is made of wool, as cotton-type sweaters have very poor blocking capability against water, take it out from your closet and put it to good use.

1. Start by laying your laptop on top of the sweater. You need not create a pattern as all you need to do is cut around the laptop making sure to leave at least half an inch of space from the laptop’s edge.

TIP: Wool-knit sweaters have the tendency to stretch, so it is critical that you keep the sleeve snuggly fitted in your laptop.

2. Then, invert the sweater inside out and put the laptop inside making sure to stretch the sweater slightly and pinning close the side’s open edges.
3. Sew around the edges either with your sewing machine making sure to adjust the machine’s foot and tension according to the sweater’s bulk. Follow the guide pins and use a straight stitch to close the edges. When you reach the corner, stop sewing and lift your foot up whilst turning the sweater. Then, place the foot back down and using a straight stitch, go on sewing the remaining open side.

TIP: It would be best to sew several times over the areas you expect would have additional stress.

4. Also, using a zig zag style, sew every layer at the ends separately where the cut was made. This prevents the stitches of the sweater from coming loose.

5. The final part is to turn your new sweater laptop sleeve right side out and insert the laptop inside.

NOTE: You can leave the rib side open or add a zipper, buttons or Velcro on it if in case you desire to seal the sleeve’s rib side.

Viola! Your very own laptop sleeve that is uniquely and originally yours, plus, it’s cheap too.