New internet marketers sometimes have a difficult time finding low cost resources and products for their online business.kamal

It’s easy to do a Google search for “free ebooks” but then you have to sort out the junk from the quality content that’s out there.

Here are a few resources I personally use in my internet business:

7-Zip (compresses/opens all kinds of files)
Audacity (free audio editor)
OpenOffice (free office suite, compatible with MS Offic files)
GIMP (a free alternative of Photoshop)
Cam Studio (a free alternative of Camtasia, useful for making videos)
Jing (another free screen capture program)
Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP or Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 for Vista/Windows 7 (free alternatives to the more expensive video editors out there)
Filezilla (an open source FTP program)
Kompozer (free WYSIWYG webpage editor)
HTML-Kit (free HTML editor for advanced users)
Notepad++ (I use this instead of Wordpad. It doubles as a code editor, too)
PDF995 (a free PDF creator, useful for making your own ebooks)
Skype (make free calls on the web)
Seesmic (keep track of your tweets, Facebook and other social media sites)
TweetDeck (tweet from your desktop)
Orbit Downloader (useful for downloading all sorts of media from the web, can pause and resume downloads too)

These are just a few of the programs I use, and they are all free. They aren’t shareware, so they won’t expire or are limited in their features. I believe you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to have effective tools to manage your business.

If I find any other free resources that are helpful to marketers such as ourselves, I’ll edit this post.

If you are interested in starting up your own internet business and are in need of free information, visit and download free ebooks today.

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