Has this ever happened to you? You’re on a date and you are all set to start dinner and drink, you clink your wine glasses when – lo and behold – you realize you forgot to bring the corkscrew!
You can allow your date to think that you’re a forgetful halfwit or you can compensate for your lack of foresight by going all McGyver on it and showing your date you can open a wine bottle using simple items lying around the house.
1. First things first, when you are pulling out the cork, make sure that it does not break up in tiny pieces – or else you have to pick these small fragments from the wine later on.
2. You can open a wine bottle using pliers and a screw. Remember that it is best if there is a wide distance between the threads on the screw. After which, turn the screw into the wine bottle’s cork and allow half an inch of it to stick out. Grab the pliers and pull out the screw and see how the cork comes easily with it.
3. A wire coat hanger can also be used to open a wine bottle. Simply bend its hook using the pliers and make sure you get its last 10 millimeters or half inch bent to a 30 degree angle. Then, push down the wire beside the cork until the small hook is way below the cork. You can then rotate the wire to 90 degrees in order for the cork to grab the cork’s bottom allowing you to easily pull it out.
4. Bicycle hooks also make good wine bottle openers – specifically the type you use to hang bikes from rafters. All you have to do is screw the bicycle hook into the cork. Then, pull out the cork using the vinyl coated hook as a handle. Remember to pull out the cork away from you.
5. Pen and paperclips could similarly be used to open a wine bottle as long as the paperclips are partially straightened out, but making sure that the U-shapes remain. Then, make sure that you get a small U in the bottle in between the cork and glass until the U’s free end is below the cork. The wire should then be rotated 90 degrees in order for the hook to penetrate the cork when it is pulled up. Repeat on the cork’s opposite side using the second paperclip. Take both of the large U shapes and straighten them out. Also, twist together the ends and insert an utensil – either a pencil, spoon handle or any appropriate tool – under the wires. Underneath the utensil, slide your fingers making sure that the wires are between your middle finger and ring finger. Then, pull out the cork carefully.
All in all, if these methods don’t impress your date, then you should hit yourself in the head and remember to bring a corkscrew next time – that is, if there will be a next date at all.