No win no fee accident claims are common, but Easigo offers a totally free & much better service. A road accident is stressful enough, without having to worry about how you get back on the road, and whether you will lose any of your compensation in costs. Easigo road accident claims service looks after everything for you, and you never lose any of your compensation. Easigo provides a totally free no win no fee accident claim service, covering everything from repair bills and free car hire through to getting you a 100% injury compensation.
Many accident claims companies offer to handle your no win no fee accident claim, but that does not get you back on the road. Only a few specialized road accident claims companies, like Easigo Road Accident claims, look after all aspects of your claim- AND AT NO COST TO YOU.
Unlike many companies that offer ‘no win no fee’, all our services are totally free to the user. You do not pay anything or lose any of your compensation in so-called service fees. We look after all aspects of your claim, helping you get back to a normal life as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
We will arrange to pick up your damaged car, and lend you one free, whilst yours is being repaired. We will arrange for an engineer to evaluate the amount of damage & advise whether it is repairable. If you have a road accident that is not your fault , then you can claim compensation for your damaged vehicle as well as for any injuries you and your passengers may have.
Once your vehicle is repaired, or you have been paid the agreed damage valuation, the loan car will be collected, either from your home or workplace.
The specialist compensation team, who only handle road accident claims, will organize a medical report, and, if required, interim physiotherapy treatment, all at a place and time suitable for you. A detailed report will be prepared and a claim submitted to the other party’s insurers.
Our lawyers only handle road accident claims, and will be able to advise you if a settlement offer is acceptable or whether it should be declined. In the event that a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, we will take the matter to court.
If you want a full, no cost, expert claims service, which is much better than no win no fee contact Easigo Road Accident Claims, or call anytime on 0800 7566913. You will not get a more comprehensive, totally free service anywhere else! Easigo is a much better answer for your no win no fee accident claim!

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