Not Ready To Quit Smoking?

As much as the constant pressure can bring you down from family and friends who want you to quit smoking, for some its just not that easy to really kick the smoking habit once and for all. As a smoker you know the dangers, you feel the disqusting side effects, and you wish you could stop but until your ready to quit smoking once and for all, you may be feeling helpless like there is little you can do.

One thing you can do is switch smoking. You can stop continuing to inhale thousands of harmful chemicals and harmful smoke of tabacco cigarettes only for the addiction to nicotine. Instead, you can switch to something that will still give the nicotine you crave and give your desire of the motions of smoking what it wants without the many, many side effects.

Electronic cigarettes look and feel just like tobacco cigarettes. But they work by delivering nicotine, tabacco flavoring, and water vapor in the form of propolyne glycol to the user through an electronic vaporizer instead of fire. There is no tar or carbon monoxide in e-cigarettes and the thousands of unneccesary damaging chemicals are gone, and so are the awful side effects.

With e-cigarettes you can get rid of the awful smell of stale smoke on your clothes, the terrible taste in your mouth and awful bad breath, your yellow teeth can finally be whitened without going back to smokers yellow. It is also cheaper to buy new cartidges for electronic cigarettes then buy packs of tabacco cigarettes. You really can save up to 75% on the cost of smoking by switching!

Because they do not use smoke to work, there is also no secondhand smoke. Which means those around you are not affected either when you use an electronic cigarette around them. Although some states are working to add e-cigarettes to their indoor smoking bans, most states have not. In most states, you can use an e-cig indoors, even at bars, resturants, and shopping malls.

If your not ready to quit smoking, do something for yourself that you can feel better about. Switch to an electronic cigarette so that until you are ready to quit smoking, you can still get the nicotine and the motions of smoking you desire without feeling nearly as bad.

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