The best thing about a vacation is that it allows you to kick back and relax even for a short week or two. The not so nice thing about vacations is the cost incurred from taking them. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so as you can take a vacation and actually save money all at the same time. How?
1. First things first, when looking for a place to stay, you can skip making a hotel reservation (which could cost anywhere from $75 to $100 a night) and instead stay a few nights with family and friends. Besides the benefit of staying for free, you can even exchange family anecdotes and stories during your stay.
2. When you do decide to stay in a hotel, make sure to never pay the full cost when making a reservation. Also, it is best to utilize online discount services such as Some say have the best prices.
3. Do not think that it is beneath you to use coupons. If you have a good idea of where you want to stay, perform an internet search on the hotel you are to stay in and type “coupon code” along with your search entry. Sometimes there are coupons which offer a hotel stay at a very much discounted price.
4. Be flexible. At times, the cost of airline tickets vary depending on the day of the month or week. Always search for the best deals online and compare these on other travel dates.
5. Never underestimate the value of frequent flyer miles. Airline miles can be used to swap points in other programs. They also allow points transferring from person to person. It may also provide free tickets or travel depending on the number of miles you have accumulated.
6. You also need not rent a car unless it is absolutely necessary. A lot of hotels provide free shuttles to and from the airport. They may also offer every-day shuttles to and from attractions. Though you may need a rental car, you may only do so on specific days and not during your whole stay.
7. Do not be afraid to make a reservation in two-star hotels. You can save as much as $50 each night when you stay in a respectable 2-star hotel. Though you may have to have your own toiletries, this slight inconvenience is tolerable as you will save money in the long run.
8. Skip the free breakfast. You might re-consider choosing a free breakfast. In certain hotels, a stay which includes a free breakfast costs a lot more when you can easily choose one which has no breakfast. You can settle to have breakfast outside the hotel – especially when some hotels only have pastries to offer during the morning.
9. Bring water bottles. To be able to save money and not have to purchase water bottles when the thirst gets to you, it is best to have your own water bottle to fill up whilst you travel. You may also consider bringing a small soap dish with which to wash the bottles after each day of use.
10. Pack snacks. You can bring your own snacks during your travel. Handy but filling ones include pretzels, granola bars, nuts or soda crackers.