Your child is having his birthday soon and you would like to give him the party of his dreams, yet you do not have the necessary financial resources? Do not feel helpless. A great party does not consist in the great amount of money that stands behind it. Here are some pieces of advice you might find useful if you wish to have a great time and also, save money. Improve these with your own ideas and enjoy beautiful, original and creative moments.

Instead of renting a specific location for parties, make some free space at your own place. If the weather is hot and sunny and you are the lucky possessor of a garden, you have just found the perfect place. If not, think of some arrangements that can be done in your house (eventually move some furniture for more space). If you are afraid of the further mess, separate some rooms and devote them to the party. The rest of the house can remain the same and you will not have to work hard to clean after guests have left.

Replace expensive decorations with the ones that you can make yourself, at home. Ask your child to help you, kids are talented and have original ideas. Plus, he/she would feel very happy to contribute to the success of his/her own party. Use colored paper, scissors and glue and build figurines, copies of cartoons and make confetti. You can color plastic glasses or you can write on them the guests names. Same thing goes well with plastic plates.

Instead of hiring an expensive clown, ask a member of the family to perform this. With jokes, diversified games and a funny make-up, this job would become easy for anyone with a little bit of humor.

Home made sweets are not only tastier, but also healthier, especially for kids who are great fans of cakes and candies. Prepare them at home instead of buying, you will save money and also provide very tasty products.

Modern, sophisticated parties often require the presence of a DJ. Drop this out and make several CDs with adequate music for children to enjoy themselves. Surf the internet for the most appropriate songs. Another good idea would be for you to improvise a karaoke show, as singing is generally highly appreciated among children.

Replace expensive, complicated games with simple, easy and free ones. We guarantee fun for classic games, like hide-n-seek. If your guests appear as very energetic, come up with a dance contest. Everyone receives cookies as prices in the end.