Would you enjoy a “portable” profession that allows you to stay home -or travel within the USA, Canada and/or the UK?

Are words/languages your passion?

Then very probably you are a good candidate for high earnings within a very joyful, pleasant life!!!

Want to know more about it?

Please join me for F.R.E.E. !!!!! on Wednesday, August, 11th, 2010 -at 4 pm (PST 😉

Our meeting is on the internet! (How cool is that?)

All you want to do to join my FREE class is e’mail me at leticia@loshuber.com -so I can send you the FREE invitation necessary to participate in the class : )

As a CA Court Certified Interpreter and Translator since 1986…and a Certified Over The Phone Interpreter for the past joyful 10+ years of my life!…I’ve done this I’m going to share with you, successfully and with delight!

Our meeting will last approx 45/50 mins
The info you’ll receive from me, will allow you to explore a new, fun, prestigious, productive career as an Interpreter and OPI (Over The Phone Interpreter)

Happy to serve you and point you into the productive bli$$ of (ETHICAL) interpreting!

Always love, light and laughter;
Leticia Huber : )
www.PortTownsendPeeps.coStay at home…and enjoy, first hand, the productive bli$$ of (ETHICAL) interpreting…