Parachuting and skydiving are maybe the biggest obsessions of the mankind. Maybe it is because humans have always had a craving to fly. One thing is sure – the jump makes you realize that humans can not fly at all. However, we can parachute and free fall.

The higher the fall, the higher the rush. The higher the rush, the calmer the calm. The experience becomes a secret revelation to take home. “Jump once and you will never want to stop”, this is what jumpers say. But, is it true? “The drop is like flying,” this is what the new jumpers mutter when they reach the ground. But, is that correct? “The freedom and peace you feel up there is unlike no other”, the pilots encourage us. But is that all it takes? Find out for yourself. Get your parachute and jump for free. Afraid of doing it alone? Then jump attached to an instructor. Get your parachute in order, and jump the high skies for free.

Here is how
Professional organizations can take you through the steps and stand with you when it is time for you to jump. Most of them will jump together with you. All you need to do is give your jump a cause. When jumping for free you will not be jumping just for yourself, you will be jumping for Charity.

MagInternational jumps rise to the 10,000 feet. They say, “Imagine leaning out of the doorway over looking the countryside below, before free falling at 120mph…then the peace and quiet as the canopy opens…”.

Mag International is a Mines Advisory Group. They are a neutral and impartial humanitarian organization that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide. They are an organization that saves lives and builds futures. So jump with them and help them on their quest to make this a better World.

The most popular jump in Mag International is the 10,000 feet free fall. Their services vary. No jump is better than the other. Solo Jumping and high sky free falling are considered the best way to go by air poets .

There are other organizations offering these same services. Jumping for charity, we find Parachute For Asthma at, or parachute for Cardiac at

Check your own country for opportunities of free jumping. Be sure to choose a professional organization to do your jumps. Prepare, mentally. Be aware of the dangers, and take the precautions. Listen to the professionals and take to the skies.