*Is your relationship missing that special romantic “oomphf?” Anniversaries are one way to rekindle that old flame called by most as passion, while some refer to it as “duty.”
*Fortunately, there are tons of less costly ways to make a relationship stronger. All you need is a bit of an open mind and tons of creativity. Or you could simply follow the suggestions below:
1. Pack a picnic lunch, some sandwiches, include a little bit of dessert – preferably something sweet and tasty – and go out on a day trip. Then, lay out the blanket, relax and watch the clouds go by as you reminisce on the days or years that you spent together. If you’d rather not remember, just get the dessert out and swallow all those negative memories away with sugar – tons of it.
2. You could also go to a drive-in movie. If there is a movie-night-under-the-stars within your neighborhood, do try to go. Don’t forget to take with you a blanket for you two could lie on while watching your favorite movie.
3. If you’d rather stay in and spend your anniversary at home, dress up the bathroom – clean it first though – with scented candles and flowers. Run the bath and sprinkle rose petals all over it. Then, take a bath together while slowly washing each other. Take note that you need not have a giant Jacuzzi tub to make this possible, all you need is your quite wild imagination.
4. Write a heart-felt love letter to your partner. Then, place the note on top of his or her pillow at night hours before he or she goes to sleep. Most likely, the night will begin and end well. Either that or the two of you could sleep well together romantically whilst spooning.
5. Pay attention to things your partner says, specifically her or his likes. If your partner likes small trinkets or little inexpensive gifts, purchase it and hide them in places where your partner will definitely find them such as in the fridge, the kitchen drawer or their suit pocket.
6. If you have a fireplace in your home, light candles in the room – do light the fireplace too – and have a cozy and intimate indoor picnic.
7. Days or weeks before your anniversary, send an “I Love You” greeting card each day. On the anniversary day itself, make or bake a simple cake with the words “I Love You” written on top via an icing of her favorite color and flavor.
8. If your anniversary falls on a weekday and you have to rush off to work, you can write a short but sweet love message on the bathroom mirror using lipstick. Make sure to clean it up though after your partner has read it.
9. If your partner loves slow dance, you don’t have to rent a hotel ballroom. Simply arrange your living room enough to leave an open space for the two of you to dance in the candle light. Of course, style the room for it to give off a romantic ambiance. Dim the lights perhaps, change the curtains to pink or light red and put on that romantic Sinatra CD.
10. You don’t need to hire a singing telegram just to say “I Love You.” Simply call the voice mail of your partner and leave a romantic song which your partner considers as his or her favorite. An obvious but can-never-go-wrong suggestion would be Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You.” Or you could simply sing the song yourself. Your partner would definitely love you for making that sincere effort to please him or her.