Today’s world seems possessed in acquiring things and possessions . But the truly precious things of life are free.

As one blogger wrote, here are some of life’s true free gifts:

Smiles, compassion, bed time stories, Sunday breakfasts, honesty, friends, hugs, support, kindness, a walk on a beach, growing, belief, glimpsing a sunrise, holding a new born baby, comfort, shooting stars, listening to the wisdom of our elders, seeing a butterfly, calling a sibling, breathing deeply, looking into the eyes of our beloved, singing happy birthday, gratitude, passion, coloring with a child, the flickering of fireflies, listening to awaken us to dawn, hope, standing up for something good, caring, sunsets, sharing a poem, good memories, learning something, forgiveness, lovely dreams, laughter, tenderness, love songs, decency, a pat on the back, sharing a special treat, sleeping in a soft bed, family, acceptance, accomplishment, sitting by a fire in winter, finding a seashell, dedication to a cause, moonlight, compassion, finding animals in the clouds, listening to the questions of a child, clear water, forgiveness, family dinners, bubble baths, children’s recitals, flowers, love making, fancy chocolates, silence, snow angels, starfish, dancing, devotion, making a difference, God.