We’re not here to promote the illegal download of music and movies, even though that’s always fun. Instead we’re going to give you something even better – a legal way of obtaining free music Cd’s as well as free movie DVD’s. For now, all we can tell you is that you need to do some work for it. But depending on who you are, the work you do to obtain them could rather be considered a fun time instead of actual work.

Do you love discovering new talent in the music world? Or maybe you’re huge movie fan? Or a book geek in its most positive meaning? And as almost the last thing, when you were still in high school, were you good with essays and all types of creative writing? Are you capable of putting one word after another in a pleasant manner? Do you type faster than 10 words an hour? Are you willing to put some of your hard-earned spare time into getting the music, movies or books for free?

Getting free music

There are thousands of unsigned (without a record label) and unknown musicians out there waiting to be discovered. And fortunately there are as many online and offline publications willing to offer them a review. However, quite often those publications do not have the necessary reviewers to fulfill all the requests. All you need to do is contact them together with a writing sample and if they like it, you can become a music reviewer. Just like that. Such unknown music reviewers have the benefits of

– learning about new artists before they actually become famous
– discover new great artists you wouldn’t have learned about before
– you get to receive their cd’s and keep them

While you might not get paid for the work, there’s still lots in it for you as well – your dream has become true – you have pretty much all the free music you could ever want and more. Sometimes these gigs might also lead you to an opportunity to review some more known artists.

Getting free movies
The basic story is the same – new DVD’s come out every day and little free promotion goes a long way. The DVD authors contact the publications, you contact the editor of the publication and the publication takes the two of you together. Everybody wins – you get the DVD, the author gets some free publicity and the publication gets another good review.

Getting free books
All you need to do is find the publication that publishes book reviews and is looking for book reviewers. You just need to get in touch. Sometimes they might even want to pay you for it.

Of course, all of the above assumes two main things. Firstly you need to be willing to commit some time for it. Secondly you need to be successful in terms of biting your keyboard the way only you can do it, resulting in well-written reviews of the music, books or movies. And of course, you do need to be a fan – this type of fun work isn’t a perfect fit for everyone.

How to find the publications?

There are thousands of such publications out there, all you need to do is to connect yourself to internet and start searching. But just to get you going, you could contact M&C – MonstersAndCritics.com (Movie reviews mainly); music.thecheers.org – The Cheers Music (Music reviews); Bookreview.com (Book reviews).